Network News

Since 1992, the monthly Network News magazine has been a communication hub in North Wales, UK, for all those who “share a vision of a whole and humane world”. North Wales, with the Snowdonia mountains at its heart, is a rugged and rural area with a very low population density. As well as the core indigenous population, who have managed to retain their own language and culture, there are different immigrant communities.

Some are drawn by the enduring myths embedded in the landscape and history, some by the Celtic spirituality, others by the possibilities of living more simply and sustainably. Others have just followed that ancient urge to “go West!” in search of alternative ways of being. Network News attempts to link and affirm all these individuals and communities, and promotes events, groups, centres, festivals and initiatives of every kind.

In 2008 and 2011, we also produced a booklet The Whole Guide To Inspiring People & Places in North Wales. “This little booklet is intended to shine light on some of the inspiring people, groups and centres that are just around the corner, so we can find each other more easily, and explore new ways to support and strengthen each others’ work. And for those who are just beginning to question their true purpose and responsibility in the world, this booklet may be a magical doorway into a world with different priorities, extraordinary new friends, and a deeper quality of living and being.”

Established Centres in North Wales that are promoted in Network News include Trigonos, Cae Mabon, Bangor Greenhouse, Felin Uchaf, The Healing Well, Moelyci, Centre For Alternative Technology, Tibetan Yoga Centre, The Ucheldre Centre, Theosophy Wales and Cae Non.

Network News is a Community Interest Company 06264367. The magazine is produced and sustained by a large group of contributors and volunteers, coordinated by Sue Francis (+44 7777 688440). Network News is also on Facebook.

Network News is a Regional Connector for The Wrekin Trust, and has collaborated with Foundation For Holistic Spirituality on the HolisticMap project and the Spiritual
Companions Network pioneered by William Bloom.

Peter Andrew will be attending the 2012 Gathering hosted by the Findhorn Foundation, representing The Whole Guide and Network News.