Holistic Centers Network

Our mission is to strengthen collaboration among holistic centers worldwide
that support personal and spiritual growth
and serve the evolution of a conscious and sustainable world.

Enjoy this unique opportunity to connect with your peers involved in other centers around the world. Share your experience, enjoy reciprocal learning, have fun and return more inspired and aware about how to successfully achieve the mission of your center...

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Programming – What is your canvas?

The location, mission and values create a unique canvas for each center to develop it’s programming. We range in size and offerings and yet each one exists to serve the transformation of people and the planet, and offer a sense of meaning to all those involved in running these centers day by day.

With each webinar we work together and develop an integrative approach to our work in the world, strengthening the holistic movement and exploring our hopes and challenges in practical ways.

What is relevant programming to be offering?

I recently reviewed the 2016 results of the generic feedback forms completed by guests in Findhorn Foundation programs. I was curious to see the response to the question for follow on visitors – ‘What kinds of programmes would you be interested in?’

If you’re involved in a holistic center and interested in Programming, we invite you to join our Webinar this Wednesday 5th July 10am PST, hosted by Omega and the New York Open Center.

Why are Holistic Centre’s valuable?

I attended my first Holistic Centers Gathering in 2010 and recall two participants from Queenswood Retreat Centre in Victoria, Canada. I rediscovered this article, written soon after they closed, and publish it again as we continue to explore the value of holistic centers.

Fortunately in recent gatherings we’ve noticed the proliferation of new centers, in particular in China and the USA, and how we can support each other to evolve and thrive continues to be an important conversation.

The meaning and purpose of Holistic Center’s

Anthropologist Margaret Rodman attended the Holistic Centers Gathering in 2006 and 2007. It feels relevant to re-post the article exploring some of her observations and clear that the centers themselves continue to fulfil an important need in the world today.

Discovering similarity through difference is a key theme of the Gathering and the recognition that no-one needs to reinvent the wheel. The heart felt sense of connection and the spirit of collaboration shines through year after year.