Holistic Centers Network

Our mission is to strengthen collaboration among holistic centers worldwide
that support personal and spiritual growth
and serve the evolution of a conscious and sustainable world.

Enjoy this unique opportunity to connect with your peers involved in other centers around the world. Share your experience, enjoy reciprocal learning, have fun and return more inspired and aware about how to successfully achieve the mission of your center...

Featured Posts

Webinar Series – 2017

Following on from the 2017 Gathering, we’re delighted to announce our second series of webinars. We invite you to explore topics that are relevant for us as holistic centers to share experience, best practices, insights and challenges in a supportive and collaborative way.

Traditionally one or two representatives from different centers attend each annual gathering and the webinars are a great opportunity to include fellow co-workers in mutual learning and networking.

Network Weaver in Residence: Kalani Honua

In the style of artist or writer in residence I dreamt of being network weaver in residence on my travels. This dream became real and I enjoyed an inspiring few weeks at Kalani Honua on the big Island of Hawaii.

The gratitude is immense and I feel nourished by the warm connections with the new community around me, friends with open hearts happy to be sharing the Hawaiian lifestyle and curious about life in the Findhorn community.

Hui Ho’olana on Molokai: Seeking General Manager

Hui Ho’olana is a unique place in Hawaii which has evolved over the years into a vibrant living sanctuary. They are searching for just the right person to take on the role of General Manager to support the daily activities and seasonal operations of the Hui.

Someone who has a mature and balanced nature in the midst of the ever-changing rhythm of Hui life, a generosity of spirit in support of the broader mission of the non-profit, the warm heartedness of a welcoming host, and the steady clarity of a grounded leader.

Reflections from the 2017 Gathering in Hawaii

Each year we meet in the spirit of mutual learning, recognising each other as peers along the path all devoted to a more conscious, holistic and re-generative culture.

In the words of Peter Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation and Community, “It is very much our work to be a point of synthesis, to link centers together to see where we can unite. Each center has something different that we can learn from, that they can give to us, and we can give to them.”