Holistic Centers Network

Our mission is to strengthen collaboration among holistic centers worldwide
that support personal and spiritual growth
and serve the evolution of a conscious and sustainable world.

Enjoy this unique opportunity to connect with your peers involved in other centers around the world. Share your experience, enjoy reciprocal learning, have fun and return more inspired and aware about how to successfully achieve the mission of your center...

Featured Posts

International Centers inspiring Tiriji Eco Center in Kenya

In 2012 when I attended my first International Center’s Gathering, hosted by the Findhorn Foundation that year, I was so excited to find out that there were over 50 such centres around the world! At that time, I was merely dreaming Tiriji, the Eco Center I was intending to create in Meru, Kenya. At the […]

The Value of Diversity and Inclusion

Our 2018 webinar series began by exploring ‘The Value of Diversity and Inclusion in our Holistic Centers’ hosted by the Omega Institute in upstate New York.

This is an area Omega have been actively diving into for nearly four years and they offered practical tools that we can all learn from. It also served to deepen the collective conversation as we prepare for our annual gathering in May with diversity as our over arching theme.

A powerful vision statement was created, recognising the systems of inequality and injustice embedded in society and the importance of cultivating awareness around how this plays out. The culture keeps becoming richer as this vision comes alive.

Introducing the Holistic Centers Network

After a 30+ year history of Centers Gatherings being held around the world, we’ve been growing into a more formal organisation in the last twelve months. An Executive Director has been in role since December 2016 and the Board grew from three members to six in 2017. In the next month you’ll notice a new look to the website as we strengthen our online presence.

The Holistic Centers Network (HCN) provides creative networking opportunities that strengthen communication, connection and collaboration among holistic centers and hosts the annual Centers Gathering. HCN and Centers Gathering are the primary initiatives of the Breitenbush Eco Fund, a non-profit social benefit organization based in Oregon, USA.

Deepening our connections with China

During a ten day visit to China, Christine Lines represented the Holistic Centers Network and Findhorn Foundation in cross cultural meetings in Beijing, Xi’an and Chengdu.

Deepening our connections and strengthening the holistic bridge between East and West, there is much we can learn from each other. From holistic awareness, holistic leadership, emotional intelligence and community building, to healing and sustainability through personal and spiritual growth.

We’re delighted to share our collaboration with the Orenda Community, Bene Wellness Institute, Stage Ai and Haiwen, as together we respond to the needs of these times.