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Featured Posts

People. Environment. Achievement. PEA Awards

The Findhorn Foundation is honoured to have been chosen by the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards, the UK’s leading sustainability awards, as their charity of the year. Now in their seventh year, P.E.A. honours the individuals and teams behind the products, services and businesses that are changing the face of our planet.

The P.E.A. Awards were created by Jarvis Smith, also co-founder of My Green Pod, the UK’s largest ethical lifestyle magazine with the Guardian distributed to over 4 million ethical consumers.

Jarvis explained, “We’re honouring the Foundation as the UK’s pioneering entity and force in this work and believe that everyone would benefit from a visit”.

Shining the Light on Cultural Blindspots

For our November webinar Doshin Roshi, Integral Zen Master, poet, friend, teacher and troublemaker, shared deep insight from 50 years of serious meditation practice and profound understanding of Integral theory through the work of Ken Wilber.

I’m struck by his understanding of many of the challenges we struggle with – collaborative decision making, over sensitivity, emphasis on feelings, lack of accountability, rejection of hierarchies, limited financial sustainability – and the remedies to evolve.

We invite you to continue the conversation with us as we dive deeper over the coming months.

Website Conversions – Marketing Webinar

Each center exists to serve the transformation of consciousness throughout contemporary culture – how can we be as effective as possible and meet the challenges of the world today?

We can use modern technology to inspire more people to book a transformational experience. To help increase conversions on your website and registration page we asked the following questions;

How can you turn more of your website visitors into participants?
How many visitors are leaving your site instead of registering for their next programme or retreat?

Creating Integral Community

Do you live in community and sometimes wonder about the challenges you experience? Or despair over the polarisation at play in the world today, despite the efforts of the last few decades to create a more peaceful and sustainable environment? 

Integral Zen Master Doshin Roshi engages in conversation with Jeff Salzman from The Daily Evolver exploring the contributions of the post modern egalitarian movement.

A conversation highly relevant to transformational communities as we explore our evolution amidst the challenges of today. What would a truly holistic or integral community look like?