Holistic Centers Network

Our mission is to strengthen collaboration among holistic centers worldwide
that support personal and spiritual growth
and serve the evolution of a conscious and sustainable world.

Enjoy this unique opportunity to connect with your peers involved in other centers around the world. Share your experience, enjoy reciprocal learning, have fun and return more inspired and aware about how to successfully achieve the mission of your center...

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Transformational Communities of Tomorrow

In this rare dialogue, join Ken Wilber (via video link) and Doshin Roshi in the Universal Hall at Findhorn as they honour the gifts of the transformational communities of today, recognise some of the challenges they are currently facing and explore what the medicine to heal and evolve could be from an Integral perspective.

Friday 6 October 2017
7:00pm – 9:30pm BST
Universal Hall, Findhorn

What is our contribution to the world? How can we evolve beyond the challenges we face, and deepen the transformational impulse globally?

‘Alternative Facts,’ Alternative Thinking, Holistic Alternatives

There is a movement quietly growing larger, though it garners very little publicity. It happens only and always at the local level. Holistic consciousness centers are springing up everywhere around the world. Each one addresses issues relevant to the people in that locale.

They can be found throughout the Third World, and the First World, in capitalist and communist economies, everywhere. Alternative holistic centers manifesting positive practical alternatives, based on human potential. Now that is an alternative fact filled with hope.

Meeting the Ecovillage Movement

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) grew out of the conference ‘Ecovillages and Sustainable Communities for the 21st Century’ hosted by the pioneering Findhorn Foundation and Community in 1995. This year it was hosted by the fabulous Angsbacka in Western Sweden with over 600 participants from countries throughout Eastern and Western Europe.

There is a close connection between GEN and the Holistic Centers Network (HCN) and we’re exploring ways to develop our partnership and collaborate on projects in the coming year.

2017 Gathering – Reflections from our Contest Winner

Rusty Shores, EarthRise Assistant Director, Institute of Noetic Science’s was our lucky contest winner for the 2017 Gathering. He shares a few reflections on the experience and heartfelt gratitude for finding his tribe.

“It was clear that I didn’t just meet new friends, but in a way it felt as if I was reconnecting with life-long friends. Those of us who are drawn to this type of work and also drawn to connect with others at this type of gathering have a natural bond”.