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of people and the planet through our own conscious evolution

Enjoy this unique opportunity to connect with your peers involved in other centers around the world. Share your experience, enjoy reciprocal learning, have fun and return more inspired and aware about how to successfully achieve the mission of your center...

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Who is attending the 2017 Gathering?

We’re delighted by the interest in the 2017 Gathering hosted by Hawaii Island Retreat and look forward to another inspiring event as we meet in the spirit of collaboration.

With just a few weeks to go until the group is finalised there are 26 centers represented and 40 participants travelling from North America, Europe, Africa and China. Over the coming weeks we’ll share the journey with you…

Storytelling, sustainability, leadership, vision, programming and partnerships are just a few of the topics that will be part of the five day conversation.

Team Reflections from a Spiral Perspective

My growing interest in the stages of human consciousness and curiosity about how the center I’m most closely involved in can evolve, inspires me in many ways…

I believe the map offered by Spiral Dynamics Integral can help us track our vital signs, both as teams and within the center as a whole, and help us develop optimal wellbeing within our culture.

To really fulfil our purpose and potential in the world we need to thrive and there are many elements involved.

Win a Place in the 2017 Gathering

Each year representatives from established centers around the world gather in the spirit of collaboration, and one place has been reserved in the May 2017 Gathering for a new participant to join us.

Join Esalen, Omega, Hollyhock, The Haven, Findhorn Foundation, New York Open Center and centers from China, Africa and Greece in conversation around a range of themes. Dive in to topics relevant to us as centers including marketing, programming, leadership and sustainability and enjoy the friendship and camaraderie as we share our experience with each other.

Insights from Diversity Webinar

Our monthly webinar in March focused on the theme of diversity and participants contributed from The Haven in BC, Canada, Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon, Abrevista in Florida, Omega in New York and the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.

In advance of the call, we were invited to reflect on a range of questions and these formed the framework for our discussion, including;

How do you define diversity?
What is your Center’s current conversation around the topic?
Where do you find resistance or struggle around the theme of diversity?