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Evolving Centers of Consciousness

Every year thousands of participants join programmes at holistic centers around the world and speak of transformational experiences. Each center is a dynamic place of inspiration that is amazing in a myriad of ways.

However, there seem to be challenges within culture and dynamics that historically go round in circles and as a collective feel almost impossible to resolve. I imagine co-workers in most centers reading this post could probably name five elephants in the room and we might share a few similarities…

A New Harmony in Mind-Body Healing

A year after the Holistic Centers Gathering in Beijing, representatives from different centers were invited to The Localization and Globalization of Psychosomatic Medicine World Forum, hosted by Orenda Group at Jackson Hole Beijing October 10-14, 2016.

From the neurosurgeon to the musician; the university professor to the independent scholar; the hospital administrator to the program director of a holistic health center; East met West, theory met practice, tradition met innovation, and art met science in this unique event.

Creating Centers of Consciousness

In August, Ralph White, one of the founders of the Holistic Centers Gathering, returned to the Findhorn Foundation in the far north of Scotland to share about his personal quest for meaning.

Shortly before the evening was due to unfold there was an unexpected power cut in the Findhorn Ecovillage. A mysterious force at play created the perfect candlelit ambience for Ralph’s adventurous often mystical tales and the audience was mesmerised for the entire two hour talk.

Appreciations from the Gathering in Quebec City

Each Gathering is memorable in it’s own way and the 2016 event hosted by Le Monastère des Augustine in Quebec City was no exception. It was the first time a center has held the event within their first year of opening and as a participant in a Gathering a few years prior when they were still in the concept stage.

It was a joy to experience the warmth and professional hospitality of the team, the peace and serenity of the venue, everyone left truly nourished and inspired by the experience and we share a few of the comments with you.