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A Unique Cross-Cultural Gathering

Since 2010 I’ve had the great joy of attending the Holistic Centers Gathering that takes place around the world every year. In October it was held in Asia for the first time in its 30-year history – a unique cross-cultural experience full of potential for the future of humanity.

Hosted by The House of I, we were nestled in the mountainous region of Yanqing, to Beijing’s northwest and 80km from the Great Wall of China.

Opportunity at Kalani, Hawaii

Kalani, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, retreat center and intentional community, is seeking a dynamic and highly experienced professional for the Executive Director position who is supportive of Kalani’s nature, culture, and wellness mission.

We are looking for a vibrant community leader capable of maintaining an understanding of the day-to-day operational needs of all aspects of the center, while guiding Kalani’s strategic planning process for sustainability and propelling Kalani’s 10-year growth plan.

The 2015 Centers Gathering in China

For the last ten days I have been in China, attending the first ever Centers Gathering to be held in Asia. It has been a rich and rewarding experience and I hope this article will give some insight into why.

The central ethos of the Gathering is that we are stronger when we work together, and our world view is one of abundance. Technically we are all competitors, and the fact that we share problems, solutions, ideas and reflections openly is deeply inspiring.

On the Quest for a Life of Meaning

A new story for our time by a pioneer of the consciousness movement. Filled with beauty, transcendence, and vitality, Ralph White’s memoir takes us on his quest for a life of meaning and the many ways he has found to share its secrets with others.

Readers gain an insider’s knowledge of the origins of major centers of holistic clearing and why they serve as focal points for the emergence of greater sanity, wisdom, and awareness in the world.