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On the Quest for a Life of Meaning

A new story for our time by a pioneer of the consciousness movement. Filled with beauty, transcendence, and vitality, Ralph White’s memoir takes us on his quest for a life of meaning and the many ways he has found to share its secrets with others.

Readers gain an insider’s knowledge of the origins of major centers of holistic clearing and why they serve as focal points for the emergence of greater sanity, wisdom, and awareness in the world.

Announcing the 2016 Gathering in Quebec

We’re delighted to announce the International Holistic Centers Gathering of 2016 will be hosted by Le Monastère des Augustines in Québec City, Canada from May 15th to 20th.

For the participants of the Gathering in recent years it’s been a great joy to witness a center emerge and establish itself and then become the host of the next event!

Inspiration from the Gathering in Greece

I came to listen and it’s been an exquisite connection with so many people. I’ll share from that space with my center, the gift of being here. The ways we connected were beyond my logical brain, I got things I hadn’t anticipated and feel very blessed. I definitely support our planetary family of transformational centers! […]

A Leap of Faith, Hope and Love

Richard Koob, founder of Kalani, a non-profit retreat center in Hawaii’s tropical rainforest, was interviewed recently by Paulo O’Brien, host of Pathways Interview Show—on KBOO.fm Oregon.

Hear how Kalani, which has been a highly sustainable and spiritually alive community in the volcanic rain forest of the Big Island for over 40 years, came into being…