Timeline of the International Holistic Centers Gathering

1980s – Various centers on the East and West Coast of the United States including New York Open Center, Esalen, Omega and Interface

1990 – Les Courmettes, France

1991 – Budapest, Hungary

1992 – Coloman Center, Bavaria, Germany

1993 May 14-16 – Inward Path Center, Moscow, Russia

1993 September – Hollyhock, British Columbia, Canada

1994 May 1-4 – Eko-Oko Center for Ecological Education, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

1995 May 1-3, Opatija, Croatia

1995 June 3-4, Omega Institute, New York, USA

1996 May – Oibibio, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1997 June 19-22 – La Grande Combe Center, St. Izaire, Frankrijk, France

1998 May 21-24 Damanhur, Italy

2000 May 28-29, 2000 Oibibio, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2001 no gathering

2002 May 12-16 Hollyhock, British Columbia, Canada

2003 May 11-15 Hollyhock, British Columbia, Canada

2004 May 16-20 Mount Madonna Center, California, USA

2005 no gathering

2006The Haven, British Columbia, Canada

2007Naropa, Boulder, Colorado, USA

2008Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon, USA

2009Mt Madonna Center, California, USA

2010Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Big Island, Hawaii

2011Harbin Hot Springs, California, USA

2012 Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

2013 Esalen Institute, California, USA

2014The Haven, British Columbia, Canada

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