Global Ecovillage Network

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) was set up in 1995 to support the experimental creation and preservation of human settlements that not only sustain, but regenerate their social and natural environments.

Ecovillages are communities with vibrant social structures, vastly diverse, yet united in common ecological, economic, social and cultural values and goals. They spring from the good intentions and creativity of citizens, and their willingness to make a difference.

Today GEN contains an innovative alliance between intentional communities (with some of the lowest per capita carbon footprints in the industrialized world) and networks of traditional villages.

Kosha Joubert was born and grew up in South Africa. The system of Apartheid deeply influenced her life’s path – she decided to devote herself to the study and practice of trustful communication and community building in diverse settings. Kosha has been living in intentional communities for the past 20 years and currently serves as President of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and Executive Secretary of GEN-Europe.

She co-authored the Ecovillage Design Education Curriculum and co-edited Beyond You and Me – Inspirations and Wisdom for Building Community, Permanent Publications, 2007.

Today, Kosha organizes Ecovillage Design Education courses and trainings on social skills internationally and works as a facilitator and consultant. She has just had a book published in Germany on the Power of Collective Wisdom and is looking forward to translating it into English.

Kosha will be giving a presentation about GEN during the 2012 Gathering hosted by the Findhorn Foundation, on Sunday 13th May at midday in the Upper Community Centre. For more information please contact the co-ordinator of the Gathering