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Opportunities to join Kalani

Dedicated to providing transformational experiences via nature, culture and wellness, Kalani is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kalani’s goal, represented in Hawaiian culture by the ‘Io (hawk) is to move forward with peace and compassion, and prosperity for all.

The center is experiencing many exciting changes and there are currently five job postings on offer; two are for positions in the IT Department and three for positions in the Kitchen/Food Services Department.

From ‘Holy’ to ‘Holistic’ is a Short Distance

Within the history of contemporary holistic centers, there has been a tradition of annual meetings of founders, administrators, program directors and other staff members going back more than 30 years.

During these three+ decades, representatives of such centers have met at holistic centers located throughout North America, UK, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and China. In May 2016, the Centers Gathering convened at Le Monastére des Augustines in Quebec City.

Leadership Summit at The Haven – Join Us Online!

The Haven Leadership Summit, hosted by The Haven’s Education Steering Group, is our first ever blended on-line and on-site conference. The focus of the summit is leadership at The Haven and in the world, at a time when it is vitally important to identify new models that are relational and self-responsible.

We want to be intentional in planning for the complexity of the future and are excited to explore a range of perspectives on leadership and expand our horizons.

The Power of Centers’ Gathering

Christine Lines is the coordinator of the Centers’ Gathering website, and lives and works at the Findhorn Foundation Community in the far north of Scotland. Christine is passionate about creating connections between the visionaries who work behind the scenes at these various centers.

“My first Gathering felt like a meeting of peers and like minded souls, new found friends following a similar calling, even though it sometimes feels like a crazy vocation!”